One of the primary purposes of bankruptcy law is to give people a fresh start. Are you losing sleep or stressed out due to your financial situation? Bankruptcy can help you start over with a clean slate.

You Are Unique — Your Situation Is Not

You are not alone. Other families have two people working and still can't pay their bills. Other people have been laid off, or had their hours cut, or have become buried in medical bills. Other people have become overwhelmed with credit card debt and been pressured by calls from collectors, or they have been hit by a home foreclosure.

Don't allow yourself to sink deeper into debt with no hope of recovery. We can help you gain control of your financial future. Let us evaluate your financial situation and help you identify your options. Your first consultation with a lawyer is free with no obligation.

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Filing for Bankruptcy is a big decision, but it can be a great way to get a "fresh start." WHITAKER LAW has filed over 1,163 bankruptcies including Chapters 7 (liquidation) and 13 (debt restructuring).

A Bankruptcy may:

  • Save your home
  • Stop foreclosure
  • Stop public sale
  • Stop wage garnishment and lawsuits
  • Stop harassing calls
  • Stop collections
  • Erase credit card debt
  • Erase medical bills
  • Erase other personal debt
  • Avoid judgment liens
  • Strip a 2nd mortgage
  • "Cramdown" a mortgage
  • Discharge IRS debt
  • Eliminate Federal and State income tax
  • Reinstate your Driver's license